Liposuction Reduction

The main objective of liposuction reduction is to reduce fats in various parts of the body. Techniques of liposuction vary depending on the area to be treated. Liposuction reduction on breast is the most common procedure that is being performed. A woman who has oversized breast typically has so many worries particularly in their look. Big breast cannot be hidden even wearing loose shirts. Thus engaging to liposuction reduction is recommended.

 A woman starts to grow during puberty so as her breast. Having big breasts qualified you to be a candidate for this liposuction reduction. This abnormal enlargement of the breast as called hypertrophy or macromastia.  This abnormality condition is caused by gland hypertrophy and excessive fats tissue, or combination of the two. This may also occur due to pregnancy, weight gain and menopause.

 Having larger breasts than the normal size of most women can cause the patient embarrassment, wearing apparel limitations, breast pain, neck pain, back pain and sport limitations.

In 1992 Matarasso and Courtiss introduced the use of  liposuction in reducing oversized breasts. But not all women can avail this procedure because there were two qualifications a woman must possess in order to be qualified. One is that she must have well-placed nipple areola complexes and predominantly fat breast. But on the following year in 1992, these two bases of qualifying to undergo such procedure were eliminated by Courtiss. Liposuction reduction now can be availed by all women who obviously and irritably have large breasts. There is no standard technique in performing this surgery so procedure is based on the breast anatomy, desire of the patient, and skills of the surgeon.

 Liposuction reduction on breast, though lack of specific outcomes and testimonies, had developed over the last two decades. But based on some survey, patients who undergone breast liposuction reduction has been relief with back, neck and chest/breast pain. Wearing apparel problem has become insignificant. Almost 93% of patients have experienced the elimination of shoulder pain. Also posture was improved that increased their self-confidence. Most specifically, they were relief with the problem of brassier cup sizes.

 The procedure of liposuction reduction on breast is done by using microcannula and by adopting tumescent technique. This procedure leaves lesser scarring, minimal discomfort and does not require the use of general anesthesia. It is also a procedure where there is little bleeding and bruising resulting to safer liposuction procedure. A fluid for anti-bacteria is also used. In addition to the convenience of this procedure, most patients who have undergone with this procedure have been satisfied with the results.

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