Liposuction recovery

Depending on the size of the treated area、after liposuction, recovery can last either days or months, many people believe that after liposuction surgery they will no longer have to exercise and maintain a proper diet. But it is not the fact. Patients should have to be remembering that the fat which is trimming from targeted parts of the body can return to the areas that are treated by the liposuction procedure. Patients should try to maintain a healthy diet after liposuction. Since liposuction does not permanently cure weight gain, patients who wish to maintain their liposuction results should diet and exercise properly.

Following liposuction surgery, doctors advise their patients to wear compression garments for at least the first several days after liposuction. Usually patients instructed to remove their garments and to take a shower after a week. After  first shower patients  need to apply Vaseline or heavy lotion all over liposuction areas to elevate the itchiness that is caused by the skin-drying effects of liposuction. This is a good time to start messaging on the treated area, by this way whose skin is not firm and elastic will experience dimpling or wrinkling can be eliminated or minimized by massaging and early exercise. Depending on the skin’s elasticity, which is a determined by age and genetics, skin should tighten in six months’ time.

Some patients report pain after the day of liposuction. This is very common and can be relieved by the pain medication. In the first several days after tumescent liposuction, the anesthetic solution of surgery drains from the incision which is to be expected. It actually facilitates healing from liposuction and reduces recovery time. 
Most patients can resume normal activities three to seven days following liposuction. However, patient should resume activity only as is comfortable time. It’s restricted to lifting, pushing and pulling after liposuction .Most patients return to work within a week, or less.

At the fourth week liposuction recovery period is coming to an end. Swelling will subside and all numbness will go away, but there will still be some slight bruising that will remain for up to 2-3 months. Best result will get after the six month. Scarring will be reduced, and skin will start to look tight and healthy again, and all bruising and swelling should go away.

Here some tips that will help liposuction faster recovery.

l  Drink adequate amounts of liquids to prevent dehydration

l  Take rest the day and day after surgery. No need to stay in bed. Gentle walking at home will help circulation.

l  For diabetic patient make sure to monitor blood sugar level 3 times per day for first 2 days

l  For the first 24 hours blood or fluid may be drainage from the surgical sites which is to be expected

l  Not to apply heating pads or ice packs over the incisions

l  No long bath and swimming. Take medicine properly prescribed by doctor

Recovery from liposuction can be uncomfortable, but most people are back to work within 10 days. During the first few weeks most people experience varying degrees of pain, burning, swelling and temporary numbness which is common. The success of treatment depends greatly on how patients care for there body’s new contours.

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