Liposuction Problems

With any type of surgery (especially cosmetic), there are going to be liposuction problems. Liposuction has been practiced since 1974. The most general complication of liposuction is a result that produces an unhappy patient and the familiar cause of an unhappy patient is a patient’s unrealistic outlook before surgery. In general- it’s very safe, has a fast recovery with least downtime and early return to work.The least risks are bruises and scars, a numbing of the skin, and moderate problems such as transform in skin pigmentation.

Some of the liposuction problems are:

  • Infection
  • Extended healing time
  • Allergic reaction to medication or anesthesia
  • Fat or blood clots – clots can migrate to the lungs and lead to death
  • Excessive fluid loss – fluid loss can lead to shock and, in some cases, death
  • Fluid accumulation – fluid must be drained
  • Friction burns
  • Damage to the skin or nerves
  • Damage to vital organs

Liposuction probelsm should be the most main concern of both patients and liposuction surgeons. Surgeons can reduce the risk of liposuction problems by proper selection of patients. Surgeons should avoid patients who have 1) unrealistic medical expectations, 2) a history of significant medical problems. Patients can reduce the risk of complications by 1) resisting the temptation to save time by attempting to do multiple unrelated surgical procedures along with liposuction, and 2) resisting the temptation to maximize the volume of fat removed on a single day. It is much safer to divide one very large liposuction procedure into two or more separate procedures done on separate days. Liposuction by general anesthesia can be considered safe; however, liposuction totally by local anesthesia is safer.

If you don’t want to go through liposuction problems, there are other ways to lose your body weight. Try eating the right foods or exercising for an amount of time. Even clothing or makeup could help your appearance. Take your time to see if liposuction is right for you.  Also, don’t assume that someone came out from having liposuction down that’s looking beautiful. This can be based on a billboard or in a magazine.  These advertisements are only here to sell you a product or service. Don’t make your decision on liposuction, based on the cost either.  There is no pressure to feel the need to be beautiful. People like you for whom you are, not your looks.

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