Liposuction pictures before and after surgery

These days liposuction becomes one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in U.S. The people, who have decided to go through liposuction procedure, need to be aware about the effect and the result of before and after surgery. Here some pictures before and after surgery procedure in different parts of the body.

Abdomen is the most common and complaint part of the body that treated by liposuction both men and women. Only the subcutaneous fat can removed from the beneath of the skin by the liposuction. It helps to make flattered abdomen.

Before                                                     after

there are sme factors that influence the success of abdomenimal liposuction procedure, such as. Weiht gain and weight loss, pregnency history, the amount of fat located. age and sex of the patient.

Abdomen liposuction of women is easier then men because women have soft and less fibrous fat cells compared to men.

In case of older patient, the upper abdomen skin may be slightly wrinkled because the decrease of elasticity. So the younger patient gets good result then the older one,

In case of anterior thighs, people should not remove too much ft at a time because it makes visible bumbs and the results will not be smooth. Doctors suggested that not more than 60% fat should be removed from anterior thigh.

Liposuction in arms is the most succesfull treated part of the body. tumescent liposuction done by the microcannula for arms and provide a successful result as well as happy patient. in case of women arm is the most visible part o the body so a successful surgery gives confident to women in wearing short sleeve.

The tumescent lipsuction procedure is most safest way to remove fat from chin and neck. This can provide more natural results than a facelift

Hips, buttock and outer thigh is the most hardest part of the body to remove fat.the fat cells of these place not respond to diet and exercise. it is very difficult too make symetry result incase of butock ith a large cannula. Microcannula and multiply tiny insicion can leave the smooth result and no visile scars..

For male, breast is the most common treated body part of liposuction. by tumescennt liposuction, surgeon use a tiny microcannula to reduce fat from breast regon. sometimes second operation may be neede dto remove the scars and skin irregulaities.

Fat remove from female legs and ankles is much difficult by liposuction because there is no deep localized fat in this area. female feet and ankles are responde in diet and exercise so patient need to consult with doctors before  the surgery.

People should have to remember that the picture before and after liposuction  may not be same in every individuals. it may vary patient to patient.chossing a reputed surgeon may give the expected result.

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