Liposuction on stomach

Stomach is one of the most common treated areas of liposuction. The main goal of stomach liposuction is to make body more contour and perfect shape by removing extra fat from the targeted part of the body with the help of different procedure of liposuction. Stomach contains two types of fat. One is subcutaneous and another is intra-abdominal. Liposuction helps to remove only the subcutaneous fat. The stomach fat is resistance to diet and exercise.

The procedure of stomach liposuction is usually performed under general anesthesia. Surgeon makes a small incision which is one half inch in length. A thin hollow metal tube called cannula is inserted into the fatty deposit area. The other pat is connected with the vacuum source. Fatty tissues becomes broken down by penetrating the cannula and vacuum sucks out the liquid fat out leaving the skin, blood vessels, nerves intact. The surgeon do the entire process very carefully to make sculpt the stomach into a new, improved shape changing the new look with almost no scar and very minimal pain. Total surgery process takes 1 to 2 hours per area.

Obese people are not suitable for liposuction surgery who wants t remove a large amount of body fat. Because liposuction only helps to make the body perfect shape t remove extra fat. Surgeon not allows suctioning more than 3 liters of fat at a time. The patients whose skin is firm and easily definable of fat area in the body are the perfect candidate for liposuction surgery. Older people can have the procedure, but the firmness of skin makes the better end result.

The recovery time may vary to person to person. Patient can suffer pain up to 3 to 12 days after surgery and have to take pain killer suggested by doctors. Swelling and bruising also remain for 2-3 months. Patients have to visit doctors to change their bandage by their recommendation. To get better result promptly, patient have to maintain some general things. Such as, take plenty of liquid to prevent dehydration. Within six month one can get final result

There are some undesirable side effect of stomach liposuction may happen. Like, abnormal contour of the body, reaction to anesthesia. bleeding from the bruised skin, depression, and discoloration. However the recent development of liposuction procedure makes the process more safe and reliable. The advance technique makes without any scaring and almost no pain. The cost of stomach liposuction depends on the surgeon, place, and procedure of liposuction

Regular exercise and maintain healthy food make the stomach liposuction result long lasting.

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