Liposuction on Chin

What is liposuction on chin?

The liposuction on chin treatment is known also as a Sub-mentum or sub-mental liposuction or to be exact a facial suction lipectomy, it is from either an intra oral incision or and extra-oral incision under the chin.  This liposuction on chin can to a great extent diminish the outward show of excess facial fat that produces chubby, or a double chin.  The extraction of this excess fat accumulation can notably define an individual’s lower facial structure.

Who can perform liposuction on chin?

Make sure that you are getting the services of a qualified plastic surgeon, if possible one that specializes in facial suction lipectomy. It is also noteworthy if the plastic surgeon is board certified but such a certification is not an assurance that a plastic surgeon will be ideal in all accounts.

What is liposuction?

Lipoplasty also known, as liposuction is a plastic surgical treatment that was developed by an Italian – American Gynecologist based in Rome back in 1970’s. Established liposuction techniques involves the use of sedatives, after the patient has been sedated; the cosmetic surgeon will then make small incisions onto the areas of the body targeted for liposuction treatment. The cosmetic surgeon then uses metal hollow tubes known as cannulas; one is to remove the fatty cells from the adjoining tissue and skin and second to suction out the separated fat via the attached hoses through a suction machine. The fat is then dumped into a container for discarding later.

Can anyone have liposuction?

A potential liposuction on chin patient must be in good health, must not have any existing diseases or pre-existing medical circumstances and must have realistic prospects of the results of their procedure.  Dialogue is very important in attaining one’s objectives.  You must be able to convey your needs to your plastic surgeon if he/she is to grasp what your exact results are.  Talk about your aims with your plastic surgeon so that you may agree at an appreciation with what can reasonably be attained. Being in good emotional condition is also a pre-requisite since much time will be spent on recovery and rehabilitation. A person may experience post-operation distress or even depression due to the pain and passage of time during the recovery period. An emotionally unstable person may not be able to deal with the post-operation stress that comes with the swelling and bruising of the facial area. So, having a healthy mind and body is very important.

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