Liposuction on back

Liposuction of the back can produce some quite dramatic enhancements to the figure. The back can be divided into several areas for liposuction. These areas include: infra scapular fat, posterior axillary fat, posterior waist fat, lumbo-sacral fat pad and buffalo hump. The procedure used for liposuction of the back depends on the type of back fat and the extent of the removal to be performed. It is easier on patients who have not lost significant amounts of weight.

Liposuction for the back surgery can be performed in several ways. This particular region of the body often consists of fibrous, fatty tissue, as the fat is somewhat dense; surgeons often prefer to use the Tumescent technique. This is typically done in a doctor’s office under general anesthesia. Small incisions are made, and saline solution is injected under the skin. Because of the fat density, micro cannulas, or small tubes, are used to help loosen and suction the fat out.

Discuss other types of liposuction surgeries with doctor to see which would work best for patient. One technique is Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL), in which the cannula uses high-energy frequency waves to melt the fat prior to suctioning. There’s also Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL), in which the cannula delivers water to loosen up the fat before suctioning. Ultimately, Patient can achieve wonderful results with all of these techniques, so it really depends both of patient and surgeon what is best and suitable.

There is no deep compartment of fat on the back, but merely a thick layer of dermal fat so some surgeon has a tendency to do excessive superficial liposuction and injure the skin. An injury to the skin caused by aggressive liposuction can also cause necrosis of the skin that ultimately results in an ugly scar. Although some surgeons use ultrasonic assisted liposuction to treat the back, it is now recognized that the heat generated by ultrasonic liposuction devise may burn the skin and cause scars

Postoperative care after liposuction of the back merely requires adequate coverage with super-absorbent pads. After complete the surgery, surgeon will tape the incisions and patient will be sent home wearing a compression garment to help the heel internally

Advantages of Liposuction for the Back

  • Improves the way you look — in and out of your clothes
  • Reduces fat and tightens the skin
  • Helps you regain self-confidence

Disadvantages of Liposuction for the Back

  • As with any surgery, there’s risk of infection
  • Prolonged numbness and swelling
  • Permanent blotchy discoloration to skin due to injured blood vessels

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