Liposuction Of The Flanks

The flanks is one of the areas of the body that tends to store a lot of fats making it look bigger or bulgier. For the male, the flanks or also known as the love handles can be found above the crest of the hip bone. The male flanks are the unwanted and bulging fat over the belt line in a most unflattering way possible. They appear to be bigger when viewed from the behind because the biggest chunk of the male flank tends to be located toward the back. For the females, the flank area is just below the bra strap on the shoulder blades. This part of the body on females is one of the eye sores that make them look overweight. For these reasons mentioned, most people resort to the cosmetic surgery which is the liposuction of the flanks.

Since the location of the flanks are on the belt line and in the torsos, it would seem like aside from the excess fats, there also is an extra skin that sags. Exercise and proper diet wouldl have a hard time getting rid of this problem. This is the reason why many people consider and go through this procedure. Liposuction of the flanks is considered to be effective and fairly safe. However, since it is still a surgery, a lot of risks may still be involved.

In this procedure especially for the male flanks, the patient with the position lying on his back will not be able to allow enough access to the fatty deposits on the posterior flank, thus this part is often insufficiently treated. Since general anesthesia is going to be used, a breathing tube is needed to be inserted in the patient’s trachea or wind pipe and the safest position would be lying with your back. Rolling the patient onto his done is very much possible but could be very risky since the breathing tube might be dislodged from the trachea and cause more problems on the patient. For patients who opt to choose having local anesthesia, they would be awake the during the whole procedure and so this would not be a problem, they would just be asked to roll over on his side.

Liposuction of the flanks works best with the technique of not closing the incision sites with the sutures. This is called open-drainage. With this technique, the solution of local anesthetic fluid are free to flow out from the treated area and aids in faster recovery, swelling and bruising. This technique also lessens the time needed to wear on a compression garment.

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