Liposuction Of The Back

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure known to effectively eliminate fatty deposits in body that exercise and diet couldn’t. This surgery could be done in almost every area of the body. The most common places where liposuction is done are in the stomach, the hip, thighs, chin and neck and in the arms. There is also liposuction of the back. Although this procedure is not that popular or common, it is done regularly. For people who have problems with excess fat in their backs, this may be their best option.

There are many areas in the body that accumulate fat more easily like the stomach and the hips. These could be caused by several factors like genetic predisposition, metabolism and many other things. Aside from these areas, the back can also mount up fat. When a person loses weight, the back still retains the lipid and the extra fat doesn’t disappear. This is the reason why many people who are suffering from this problem consider liposuction of the back as their solution.

However, before deciding to go through with the procedure, it’s recommended to have a healthy diet and exercise to achieve the ideal weight to get best results. Remember, liposuction is not a way to lose weight. It just eliminates the fatty deposits that diet and exercise couldn’t. Once you achieve the ideal weight, then you could finally schedule an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon and get all the information you need and if it’s the best option for you.

Once everything is cleared up with your surgeon and you decided to go with it, the procedure in this area is a bit trickier compared to other common areas. The reason for this is because the back has more connective tissues attached on the fat. Due to this reason, the cannula used is a lot smaller than the usual. This procedure may also take longer than in other areas because of the size of the cannula. Also, the surgeon needs to be extra careful because of the connective tissues. The incisions where the cannula will be inserted are placed on least visible areas like under the arm and under the bikini line to make the scars least visible.

Liposuction of the back can make your back sore and bruised for a while so it is expected that sleeping, leaning on your back and too much twisting could be uncomfortable, tiring and painful for a few days. The surgeon is going to give you pain medication to make you less uncomfortable and relieved from pain. This is considered to be a fairly safe procedure as long as it’s done properly so make sure you get the right doctor for the job.

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