Liposuction of Mons Pubis

Women may experience their mons pubis to bulge due to residual fat deposits. This causes the pubic area to be very prominent and sometime it is too obvious even under clothing. It is very difficult to remove or reshape the mons pubis since this particular area is quite resistant to exercise and dieting. A solution to a bulging pubic area for women is readily available and is a safe and proven method in removing excess fatty cells that are deposited in this area of a woman’s body. Mons pubis liposuction is the removal of excess fatty cells from the pubic area using a tried and tested cosmetic surgery method. Liposuction can easily resolve the problem by permanently removing the source of the bulge, excess fat.

Mons pubis liposuction is very simple since it involves the extraction of fat deposits through incisions made into the area to allow specialized cannulas, stainless steel tubes that separate and suction out unwanted fat. Like any cosmetic surgery procedure, the choice to have a mons pubis liposuction, or a tummy tuck, is up to the concerned individual. As women age, the skin expands. Women may have surfeit skin and stretch marks after a pregnancy. In these circumstances, a liposuction can be of great help.

Swelling and bruising in the affected area is to be anticipated, with a general sensation of feebleness due to the use of anesthesia. An elastic compression bandage will be applied to the mons pubis to aid the healing process and to support the newly contoured part of the body. Obvious enhancement on the flatness of the mons pubis can be seen within a 3 weeks as the swelling and bruising dissipates and allow from 3 to 6 months for full recuperation where in the definitive results of the treatment can be truly appreciated.

Appropriate groundwork must be made before trying to undergo any liposuction surgery and one must comprehend that in any surgery there are risk that are to be taken into account, risk like, scarring, skin folds, seroma, burning and blisters and maybe possibly hematomas. All these risk can be circumvented by proper prudence and selecting the suitable liposuction professionals than can deliver outstanding results in the safest possible way. Checking out available literature and marketing materials like advertisements and even before and after photos from different surgeons and liposuction clinics and hospitals that offer mons pubis liposuction is highly recommended.

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