Liposuction Of Flanks

For people who are slightly overweight or simply hate the flab that serves like an eye sore, they resort to the most popular cosmetic surgery called liposuction.  This is a perfect alternative for people who are already worn out from too much exercise and dieting and still get no significant results especially to the immune exercise areas in the body like the chin, face, cheeks and the neck.  Liposuctions have different techniques and methods and specialize in different areas in the body like the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, and upper arms.  Although diet and exercise are still considered the best way to lose weight, liposuction has the ability to remove the stubborn areas of fat in the body that don’t respond to traditional weight loss methods.  For those who are having problems of too much fat on the sides of the body from the armpits to the waist, the type of liposuction you need to consider is the liposuction of the flanks.

The flanks are the two areas that on your body that goes above the pelvic brim on the lateral and lateral-posterior part of the trunk.  Contour interruptions on the flanks or more commonly known as the love handles can be seen most of the time in the lower abdominal region.  These excess fatty deposits are more commonly seen in men.  With women, it is usually stored in the slightly lower hip areas.  For women who have a male like physiognomy, they can also have the love handles and may have hip and flank fat blend and could also undergo the procedure of liposuction of the flanks.

Many who choose to go through this procedure can have the cost of this type of liposuction vary.  More often than not, the procedure is easier and less expensive on women because they tend to have softer fatty tissues.  The fats stored in men have more fiber and the plastic surgeon hast to work with a larger body area since men are generally bigger than women.  The average cost of this type of liposuction is about $2000-$5000. The price can vary depending on the how large the area is and how much the professional fee of your surgeon costs.

Perfect candidates for liposuction of the flanks are the ones who have realistic expectations on what the procedure can do to their body.  This surgery can enhance the appearance and even boost self confidence.  You need to be physically healthy and psychologically stable.  It will also help a lot if you have a firm, elastic skin. This procedure works best on younger people since they have more elastic skin.  Ask your doctor today to know more about this procedure so you could think carefully and make an informed decision if this is the perfect option for you.

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