Liposuction NH

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure invented in the 1970’s by an Italian American gynecologist in Rome. During it’s infancy as a cosmetic procedure it was quite unreliable and had lot of bad press. As time went by, cosmetic surgeons made vast improvements both in technique and technology. In the 1980’s Liposuction or Lipoplasty was introduce to the United States of America and like many other States, Liposuction NH (New Hampshire) is thriving in terms of business and medical profession.

People who want to avail of liposuction NH must fit the following requirements, the prospective patient should be in his or her proper weight must be in good physical health and has a good grasp of what he or she wants to realistically attain from the liposuction procedure. The surgical procedure itself is quite simple but the length of time of the operation and recovery period is dependent on the body area or part to be treated and the number of areas of the body to be treated in one day and of course the liposuction type or technique that the cosmetic surgeon is trained for and actually suggest.

Liposuction NH, like in any other New Hampshire clinic would utilize the traditional method or any of the following available alternative methods like Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) or any of the wet-techniques, like tumescent or SAL liposuction. The procedure starts with the identification of the “problem areas” of the prospective patient and what approach the cosmetic surgeon will use to “sculpt” these areas. For most liposuction procedures anesthetics is used and after this is applied the surgeon then makes small but deep incisions into the skin of the patient, these incisions will be the entry point for the stainless steel tubes called cannulas. The cannulas will be moved back and forth into the incision and directly under the skin to separate fat deposits from tissue and at the same time vacuum or suction them off through the suctioning machine where the cannulas are attached.   Some cannulas are used to inject tumescent liquid to help separate fat more quickly and effectively and others are designed to vibrate while being moved back and forth to accomplish the same thing.

About 4 liters of fat can be safely removed per session more than this volume will be too risky for the patient. The cosmetic surgeon then sutures up the incisions and recovery time from the anesthesia is usually just a few hours. A compression garment is used to facilitate healing and to help in the sculpting of the body part operated on. The full results of liposuction can be appreciated 3 to 6 months after the treatment.

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