Liposuction NC

Liposuction in North Carolina (Liposuction NC) like any other States in North America is very popular since the surgical procedure has been made safer and more effective since the 1980’s when it was first introduce to the United States. More and more people are availing of this medical procedure to rid their bodies of fat deposits from areas that are usually not reached and therefore not affected by exercise and dieting. Liposuction NC or lipoplasty in North Carolina is available to interested parties regardless of age, but of course there are some considerations to be taken, like the overall health of the person concerned, there must be no existing pulmonary or heart complications since anesthesia will be applied during the procedure, also good skin elasticity must be noted since a person with good skin elasticity will have an easier time in getting the results that they want.

Procedures of Liposuction NC can be availed of from any of the cosmetic clinics that have board certified cosmetic / plastic surgeons. Liposuction can be done on the hips, neck, mons pubis, upper arms, leg calves, back and abdomen. There are a lot of available variations of the surgical procedure but most of these differ only from the basic liposuction through the use of liquids or devices that aid in separating the fat deposits from skin and tissue. There is the UAL or ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, The LAL or laser-assisted liposuction, Tumescent or wet liposuction and the PAL or the power-assisted liposuction that uses vibrating cannulas to separate and isolate fat deposits for easier removal from inside the body.

The basic liposuction surgical procedure is simple. In most cases, general anesthesia is applied; putting the patient is a numb and semi-unconscious state, then small incisions are made into specific areas of the body where the liposuction treatment is to be applied, cannulas, stainless steel tubes are then inserted into the incisions and are repeatedly pulled back and forth into the cavity between the skin and tissues to separate the fat deposits, these in turn get suctioned out by the same cannulas through a suctioning machine and deposited into a container.  Fat that is removed through liposuction is permanently removed because adults do not produce new fat cells but only expand existing ones, so, once removed this fat cells will not be replaced naturally by the body.

Liposuction operations usually last from 1-3 hours depending on the size of the area to be treated. Recovery time from the operation itself is within a 48-hour period. It will take 3 to 6 months for the results of the procedure to be fully appreciated.

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