Liposuction LA

Liposuction LA is a booming business and more and more people from the LA area are choosing to undergo liposuction surgery. Lipoplasty history has its beginnings way back in 1974; Dr. Giorgio Fischer a gynecologist from Rome, Italy came up with the now popular liposuction treatment, Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes fat deposits from the body by using a suctioning device that is attached to long stainless steel tubes called cannulas that are inserted through the body via incisions and these cannulas are then used to physically separate the fat from skin and tissues while suctioning off this separated fat.  The fat suctioned off is permanently removed since adults do not produce new fat cells, fat cells in adults only expand to store new fat, so, the resulting shape from the fat removed through liposuction is easy to maintain.

Los Angeles is the site of Hollywood, and a large population of rich and famous actors, pop stars, divas, and business people work or live in this area. LA is also home to some of the best plastic surgeons in America. The level of competence in liposuction LA is undeniably high with a large number of local clientele soaking up as many liposuction procedures and or liposuction related treatments that they can safely endure. Also, more and more people from neighboring cities and states are clamoring to get into the waiting list of cosmetic surgeons based in the LA area.

A prospective liposuction client must be in good physical health, and as a requirement must adhere to a strict no smoking and no consumption of alcoholic beverages rule. The prospective patient must also be aware of any cardiac or respiratory illnesses that may cause a medical complication during surgery, since depending on the liposuction treatment, general anesthetics may be applied.

As a patient you are free to discuss with your chosen cosmetic surgeon what is to be realistically expected after the treatment, being able to grasp realistic objectives and results is key to appreciating the end results after surgery. Most liposuction surgeries will take from 1 to 3 hours; the surgery time is dependent on the size and number of areas of the body to be treated. Recovery time is usually within 24 to 48 hours and is dependent on the amount of anesthetics that were involved during the procedure. Soreness and swelling of the treated areas is to be expected and full recovery from the operation is expected on the second week. It will take around 3 months and upwards of 6 months for a patient to fully appreciate the gains of a liposuction treatment.

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