Liposuction in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most thriving cities in California; it, being the home of the US entertainment industry and other major industries such as Tourism, Electronics, Telecommunications etc. Liposuction also ranks as one of the most in-demand industries in San Diego.

San Diego is the second largest city in California and is also one of the most beautiful. This city has never been short on aesthetics which most probably accounts for why San Diego residents know all about beauty. It is a financially bustling city where people live comfortably and always have extra money to spend. With all the celebrities that call it home, it is no wonder that this city is also abreast with the latest trends in cosmetic surgery.

Most San Diego liposuction patients are of near-normal weight and desire permanent changes in the shapes of their bodies, with a more flattering physique whether clothed or unclothed, as the most common goal.

The improvement in liposuction techniques now make it possible for the safer extraction of larger amounts of fat. This allows treatment to be conducted on heavier people while keeping their expectations realistic and within the context of being healthy.

For women, common problem areas are the waist, hips, thighs, butt, arms, and the area around the face. For men, the common areas of concern would be the abdomen, love handles and cases of gynecomastia where men have excess fat deposits on their chests.

Liposuction involves the insertion of small tubes known as cannulae (singular: cannula) that go into inconspicuous areas of the patient’s skin and suck out the fatty deposits from the target area.  The old method of liposuction involved the surgeon moving the cannula back and forth after insertion, to break up the fat to facilitate the suction process. Enhancements in this field have now eliminated the strain that comes with the procedure by introducing a double cannula which is, essentially, a “tube within a tube”. When a cannula is inserted into a patient’s skin, a smaller tube within the first is the one that the surgeon moves back and forth to break up the fat. This has practically eliminated the pain because the outer tube guarantees a secure “foothold” in the target area, thus requiring less movement from the surgeon and less stress on the patient.

It may also be performed in tandem with other bodyscultping procedures such as breast reduction, tummy tucks, thigh lifts or face lifts.

Liposuction in San Diego is definitely an investment worth every cent because you not only spend time in a beautiful place; you can also be sure that you receive celebrity treatment.

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