Liposuction in NC

In a very busy world today, it is no wonder that there are new technologies that are being developed to help us cope up in the fast changing world.  Cosmetic surgeries have been a great help to many. One of the most common procedures done in all plastic surgery is the body contouring where liposuction is under it.

Liposuction is the fastest way to eliminate the excess fats that is stored in a specific area of the body that cannot be removed by just a simple diet and exercise. Liposuction is done in appropriate patients that become a very rewarding procedure, with a minimal downtime and gives excellent benefits.

Liposuction procedure first evolved in 1970’s and has become a trend so quickly. It is originally called “dry” procedure and just improved to “wet” or “tumescent” type of liposuction. The tumescent type allowed for an n easier fat removal, decrease discomfort and a quicker recovery. Once the tumescent is done the client can choose freely if the client want to have a traditional or advanced method of liposuction.

The liposuction surgery uses a suction machine and a hollow tube called cannula or a straw. The cannula is placed through a tiny incision made to the area to be treated, and then the fat removal procedure is done. Only the board certified surgeons is only allowed to do the operation in North Carolina.

The liposuction procedure is particularly helpful in smoothing areas of the body that have proven to be resistant to exercise and diet. Having a liposuction offers a great result tend to be achieved by the clients with good skin elasticity, improvement can be achieved in any figure.

There are different types of liposuction in NC that depends on the taste of the client. One of it is the Power Assisted liposuction that removes fat with a reciprocating cannula tip. This method allows the surgeon to be more precise and enhance the experience. It also promotes an easier fat removal that increase the recovery time and decreases discomfort.

Another one is the Ultrasonic assisted liposuction that uses an ultrasound technology to heat the fat and skin to dissolve the into an emulsion. The other one method used is the laser liposuction or called laser lipolysis, like a SmartLipo it also heat the fat then create an emulsion then heat the skin that can also cause some contraction.  Trying to get a liposuction in NC can help you a lot.

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