Liposuction in Men

In much the same way as liposuction gradually became normal and acceptable by today’s standards, so has it become an option for men to undergo this kind of treatment. Yes, liposuction in men is acceptable in the society.  It is no longer restricted to women. Liposuction in Men, albeit fairly new, is increasingly becoming available for all who are interested.

The first question that may come to mind is, “Why would a man need to go through this?” Although a liposuction procedure’s purpose is basically to remove unwanted fat from the body, its ultimate goals are body sculpting and greater definition.  These goals are shared by both genders.

Before our male readers get too ahead of themselves, there is one thing they need to know. Male liposuction costs slightly more expensive than liposuction for women. There are three reasons why.

First, the fat found in men’s bodies is more fibrous than what women have. This means that it closely resembles muscle tissue and, as a result, cannot be removed as easily as that of women, this makes the process a bit more time-consuming.

Second, men generally request fat to be removed from parts of their bodies that are already naturally fibrous. These areas would be the chest, the love handles and the stomach. The love handles,  the excess fat around the abdominal region, is generally problematic. Men have difficulty sculpting this particular area of the body even with diet and exercise. The stomach is the most notoriously challenging area for men to shape. The chest is sometimes prone to an abnormal condition in males called gynecomastia. This is the unusual enlargement of male breasts that could either be fatty or glandular in nature. If it is found out that the gynecomastia’s condition is fatty, liposuction would be an excellent solution. If it is glandular in nature, liposuction is not an option and other methods should be considered instead. These three areas, when properly developed, are where the most prominent muscles associated with the ideal male physique are found.

Noteworthy as well, are some men’s preference to have their faces treated. The common areas subjected to liposuction are the chin, neck and jowls. Trimming down these areas help bring back definition to a man’s face.  Lastly, men are generally physically larger than women. This means that, whether treatment is minor or major, it would have to cover a greater area in men.

It is no longer considered “un-manly” to go for such treatments because liposuction in men is quickly becoming a popular cosmetic surgery option. This is a big step that tears down stereotypes of what one can and cannot do and proves that equality between the sexes can go both ways.

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