Liposuction in Costa Rica

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that literally means to suck out fat. It is a cosmetic surgery also known lipoplasty used for body contouring. Small steel tubes are used to suction out fat deposits that have been separated from skin and tissue. These cannulas are also used to deliver either energy or tumescent liquid to assist in the emulsification of fat. Fat extracted through liposuction is permanently removed thus making the newly contoured body part keep its shape lastingly or long term.


Interested in getting a liposuction surgery procedure in the small nation of Costa Rica, it would not be difficult for you to acquire the services cosmetic liposuction surgeon who specializes in liposuction surgery or lipoplasty. Liposuction in Costa Rica has grown in leaps and bounds and has become increasingly popular in the country.


There are but a few things to take into account when an individual is thinking on having liposuction in Costa Rica, and they are all very crucial concerns: first a person must be in good health. There should be no prior complicated medical issues that may cause difficulties during liposuction treatment; all health concerns must be divulged to the cosmetic surgeon in advance so as to be able to ascertain if a patient is qualified for liposuction in Costa Rica.


The surgeon should inform you and abide by the generally acknowledged truth that the maximum volume of fat cells that can be safely removed from the body is only four liters per operation per patient per day. The patient should be informed of the maximum safe number of body parts that can be treated on a single treatment, a liposuction surgery must be scheduled at least a month apart if more than 24 hours a day of liposuction is to be performed. The surgeon avoids performing simultaneous surgical procedures on the same day as liposuction.

The risk of liposuction in Costa Rica is often attributed to non-disclosure of medical history by the patient and the failure of the plastic surgeon to know of the patient’s medical history, this play a role in the occurrence of allergic reactions to anesthetic which can result in convulsions, cardiac arrest and even death. Other risks are not as fatal but still, something to think about, like sagging skin, dents, wrinkling and lumps. These can mess up a liposuction patients’ aspiration of being able to wear a bikini or tight shorts that she purchased just so to display the outcome of her liposuction treatment. Other minor problems that may occur are hyper pigmentation, seromas, asymmetrical shaped legs or arms and even breast, numbness and constant pain in the affected areas.

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