Liposuction in Colombia

Liposuction in Colombia is a process in which suction out of deposit body fat from different parts of the body with the help of cannula under general anesthesia. It is not the process of weight loss of the body but only recontour or reshape of the body.

Colombia is one of the most popular places for plastic surgery as well as liposuction. Columbia is a country that focused on beauty pageants driven to the cosmetic surgery industry and reached to the level with United States. In Columbia, liposuction procedure usually done under general anesthesia. It required having some medical evaluation suggested by surgeon.

The best candidate for liposuction in Columbia are those who have sound condition both mentally and physically, have tight and elastic skin, psychologically stable and realistic in expectations. If patients have medical problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, are not getting good result in surgery. Although age is not a major factor of liposuction, older patient does not get the same result of like younger because of their diminish skin elasticity.

Liposuction in Columbia is a procedure in which unwanted fat are removed from the beneath of the skin through the cannula which is inserted into the small incision and it break down the fat cells and suctioned out with the help of a large syringe. The length of the operation varies from different areas or part of the body. Normally it takes 1hr to 2.5 hr.

Post operative care after liposuction is very important because it helps to control swelling and fit the skin in better contour. It should be remembered by patient that recovery does not immediately happened and need some times t get fully result which is varies from patient to patient.

The cost of liposuction in Columbia is much less than United States. Normally liposuction cost starts from $ 4000 to $9000 in USA but in Columbia it stars from $3500, as because there are big businesses in cosmetic surgery and make a competition which brings down prices. And also education is not such a expensive like USA.

Liposuction in Colombia is very cost effective and operation has done by the board certified experts. The International patients are able to achieve savings of up to 70% from the prices typically charged in the USA or Europe. If any patient wants to affordable liposuction and safe as well then Colombia could be the first choice and viable alternatives.

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