Liposuction in Canada

In many cites of Canada have an excellent directory of liposuction surgeons all of whom practice the latest and safest liposuction techniques available. Liposuction is a surgical procedures that involves to remove all pocket fat from the beneath of the skin which s not responded to diet and exercise. It is the method of only for reshape the body not for weight loss. Good candidates for this procedures are near their ideal weight and are active and healthy

There are a few techniques used in liposuction surgery used by Canadian plastic surgeons:

Solution injection: In this process a special solution is injected by surgeon to the fat tissue which helps to reduce the pain. The solution consists of adrenalin which is act as a anesthetic solution.  It helps to reduces bleeding and fluid to help separate the fat from the tissue.
The tumescent technique: In this technique surgeon use large amount of solution injected with the help of cannula beneath the skin and around the fat tissue .The solution is salt water containing a local anesthetic and small amounts of adrenaline. Once the solution has been injected a canuula is put through small incisions on the skin to remove the fat.  The operation usually takes long time. (4-5 hour).

The super wet technique: in which the amount of solution injected, same amount of fat has been removed. It needs general anesthetics and this method also takes longer time.

Ultrasonic liposuction:  high frequency sound waves use in this process to liquefy the fat cells under the skin. These waves will be effect on surrounding tissues. Patient has to discuss the Canadian surgeon that this technique will be better for the or not.

Power assisted liposuction (PAL): usually this is involved to the use of a power cannula supplied by an electric motor. It can help to reduce trauma to the body,

In Canada (CA), the costs of each surgery will depend on what area is to be reduced. A personal examination in Canada (CA) will allow the patient to know the exact costs will be. Firstly need to consult with surgeon and ask about physical and financial preparation.

Both men and women in Canada (CA) who have been unable to lose ungainly fat even after exercise and dieting can opt for Liposculpture.

Liposuction in Canada was built to provide online information for people searching options of having Liposuction in Canada. Liposuction in Canada will follow many of the same methods as Liposuction in the United States. Toronto Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto, Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Ambulatory Surgery Centre Vancouver, these are the reputed liposuction surgery clinic in Canada.

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