Liposuction in Australia

Dr Roberts was the first surgeon to introduce this technique to Australia as routine surgery. The Cosmetic Medical Centre uses the latest external ultrasonic liposuction technique, and the Power Cannula. At liposuction in Australia, they follow the sculpting procedure that can change the contours of your body or face to achieve desired results of maximum fat removal and great new body shape. Sensible diet and vigorous exercise does not always allow reduce body weight or fat. Those are the areas they can help with, by removing fat and reducing the overall number of fat cells, liposuction contours the body into the required shape

The cost of liposuction will vary depending on your size and the areas of the body you choose to have liposuction. By ‘staging’ procedure they can remove fat from several areas of the body at one time, or any body can choose to have several procedures over time. The areas of the body they treat include hips, stomach, waist, love handles, buttocks, thighs, lower legs and knees, midriff, as well as areas of the face, neck and arms. They have several sections like option for woman option for men. If patient would like to check prices of Liposuction, they can go that option. By this way patient can click on a price to see which area will be treated.

At liposuction in Australia, they use the Tumescent technique of local (regional) anesthesia, which does not require a general anesthetic and allows patient to be back at work within 1-3 days. They use fine hollow sterile cannulas to suction the fat out which doesn’t require stitches. It is a safe and effective method of fat removal from a team of highly skilled medical staff with a 100% safety record.

In Australia the Ashley Centre provides treatments and world class expertise in the latest anti-ageing and cosmetic procedures to clients from all around Australia and overseas.  The Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery in Australia is typically performed Abdominoplasty.( Tummy Tuck) In western Australia Liposuction started over 18 years ago and there have been advances which have resulted in significant refinements of the techniques used. Dr Chan has been involved with liposuction in WA since its introduction and has applied an artistic eye to the techniques which have changed many patients’ figures to their satisfaction. Liposuction performed at Adelaide Cosmetic Surgery Centre is a procedure that targets the problem areas like leg, buttocks, hips, stomach, leaving one`s body more sculpted and toned.

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