Liposuction How Much

Lipoplasty or liposuction as it is more popularly known is a plastic surgery procedure invented way back in the 1970’s by an Italian-American Gynecologist in Rome, Italy. The surgical technique when carried out conventionally was performed under general anesthesia. The surgical procedure is used to remove unwanted fat deposits from specific areas of the body. These areas are usually prone to deposit fat and do not succumb to the usual exercise and dieting programs, thus the option of liposuction is chosen as an alternative solution. If you choose to undergo liposuction how much will it cost you?

In North America, a liposuction procedure will cost you between $1,500 to $8,000 per operation, exactly how much depends on a lot of things, during liposuction how much time and effort is needed by a plastic surgeon to complete a particular treatment can be the main determinant on how expensive it’s going to be, since the professional fee of the plastic surgeon is usually the biggest part of the cost.

Other cost determinants include the location of the clinic and the hospital, if you’ve chosen to have your liposuction in a classy neighborhood like say, Beverly Hills, then that by itself will drive your cost up. You also have to take into account the number of areas of your body that you want to be treated with liposuction how much of your problem areas can be treated simultaneously can also determine cost. The use of an operating room, medications, other medical consumables like bandages and gauzes also add to the fees, some plastic surgeons have in house operating rooms in an office environment but these are used for minor operations and are less expensive than a fully equipped operating room of a hospital. Separate from the plastic surgeons professional fees is the anesthesiologist fee, which is going to cost you if you’re particular liposuction treatment entails you going under general anesthesia.

All of these surgical and non-surgical fees all have to be taken into account and may vary from surgeon to surgeon, location to location, and what liposuction technique you choose to undergo. Before going into liposuction how much do you really want to spend? Also, there are other cost that you must also consider and be aware of, like the risk involved when having liposuction surgery, like any other surgical operation there are risk present and you need your plastic surgeon to discuss all of these as openly and as truthfully as possible, a botched liposuction can set you back more than the original operation and there is of course the physical and emotional cost that need to be clarified, most especially if your particular liposuction treatment is going to take some time before you fully recover.

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