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Liposuction Horror Stories

  • Beauty beyond the imaginable has always been a dream comes true, but what if the beauty you ever wanted will cause horrifying terror after you undergo a cosmetic procedure.  Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that has been popular not only in the elite.  It is already becoming popular to anyone who wishes to have beauty incomparable.  Is it worth it to undergo this kind of cosmetic procedure despite liposuction horror stories that we hear?

    There have been a lot of stories about failed liposuction procedures.  Just like in any surgical operations, the risk is high.  Although liposuction is not a life threatening operation, many questioned if it is worth risking your life to the operation.  Advances in Science make liposuction procedure safer than ever.  Since its beginning in the 1970s, liposuction has gained popularity because it is now more precise and more affordable.  Liposuction have become less invasive, from general anesthesia, the risked is reduced because modern liposuction can be done through local anesthesia.

    Liposuction can now be performed in medical clinics and there are no confinements necessary after the procedure if there are no any other complications.  Doctors who perform liposuction remains the same, they should be licensed surgeons and should have undergone training in liposuction.  You do not want to be their first patients because the risk is much higher.  Seasoned professionals in the field of cosmetic surgery are has higher fees but the risk of you telling your liposuction horror experiences is most unlikely to occur.

    Reports have it that liposuction horror stories are being sensationalized by local and international media.  To some, these are just an ongoing concern to those who wish to risk their live for the price of beauty.  Most of the time, these failed liposuction are caused by anesthesia.  Some patients do not follow the advice of their doctors and continue their medications before the actual liposuction operation.  It should be remembered that strictly following the advice of medical professionals should be followed to ensure safety.

    If you want to undergo liposuction, you must subject yourself to a series of medical testing.  Not everyone can undergo liposuction.  Although many wanted to have cosmetic surgery, there are some limitations, you must be healthy and must not have any illness in the lungs.   Patients who have cardio problems should not undergo the liposuction procedure.  Prevention from having your own liposuction horror stories is possible if you follow the advice of the surgeon.

  1. Liposuction need regulation. Too many lives are ruined and the battles takes place in private courthouses where the public doesn’t learn of all of the horror stories.I was maimed. Most of my lower body was suctioned out without need or consent during a breast reduction, leaving me in pain so badly that I feel like I’m on another planet. I can’t even sit or walk or sleep. I used to run my own business before surgery, and now I’m on SSI, everything is gone, but worst of all is that I realize that death is not the worst thing that can happen to someone. It’s a living, daily nightmare. All the while, this doctor is operating on other unsuspecting people…. They dont even measure your body fat before the procedure, they just stick a hose into your body and ‘guess’. Does this sound wrong to anyone else? Everything about it is wrong.

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