Liposuction Garment

A liposuction garment is worn after liposuction surgery to expedite the healing process. The garment assists to decrease inflammation and also helps thwart infection at the incision site. It also helps to reduce tenderness in post-op Lipoplasty patient. The liposuction garment can also be used together with permeable pads, which trap blood and other fluids that actually drain from the incision. Catching the fluids in the permeable pads prevents the fluids from staining unto clothing.

Surgery is basically the purposeful cutting into a patient, usually with a scalpel. The process of surgery damages blood vessels and the transport networks that nourish cells with nutrients.  It also damages the tissues that anchor the skin close to the body. All the damaged tissues and cells must recover after the operation and the body must heal itself.

While the body tries to fix these processes, natural liquids that assist in healing travel to the areas where there is damage, blood clots are slowly eliminated, and the skin if elastic enough tightens to the new shape of the body. During liposuction surgery, a number of the blood vessels were damaged and cannot function properly; the result is an increase of fluid and waste products that slowly build up. A liposuction garment is worn to assist in draining the waste and or excess fluid from the area to permit the elimination of waste and cleanse the area for more healing fluids.

A liposuction garment or compression is an elastic suit that gently applies pressure on an incision area. The pressure gently pushes out the built-up liquid. The length of time the garment is worn post-op depends on how fast a patient recovers. It also depends on what technique was used to close the incision. If the cosmetic surgeon sealed the wound with sutures, the amount of time the liposuction garment has to be worn a while longer than with open drainage techniques.

If the surgeon applied an open drainage technique, the healing time is drastically reduced. With open drainage, the waste liquid is effectively drained out of the wound. Thus, more natural healing liquid produced by the body is able to saturate the affected area and the wound heals much more quickly.

There is also a danger if the patient does not pay attention to the length of time a compression garment is used. Excessive compression can actually prolong the swelling and edema. Too much compression when there is no more waste liquid to drain can weaken the natural processes of lymphatic capillaries which is to soak up residual tumescent fluid and inflammatory exudates from the tissues of the liposuction site.

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