Liposuction for Man

Liposuction for man is a little varied not only in the method or technique that is used by plastic surgeons but also in the specific areas of the body that men tend to complain about stored fat. Men have a predisposition to accumulate fat in the torso area (chest and back), abdomen (belly) and flanks (love handles), while females generally amass fat in the hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Liposuction for man is more often than not finished within a 24-hour period, but your plastic surgeon may necessitate that you to stay in the hospital for the night if a considerable area of your body is to be operated on. The surgery is typically done under general anesthesia. Application of general anesthesia requires that you fast for at least 6 hours before liposuction surgery. Then again, some plastic surgeons permit small amounts of water a couple of hours before the surgery is performed.

A nurse will monitor and note down your blood pressure and heart rate and perform a urine test.

Your plastic surgeon will explain the surgical procedure and require you to sign a consent form. This consent form corroborates that you are conscious of the risks, benefits and possible different treatments to the liposuction procedure and have clearly given authorization for the operation to be performed.

Your plastic surgeon will indicate areas on your body to be treated. Pictures will be taken, to document the before and after shape of the area to be treated for comparison.

While recovering, the treated area is secured with an elasticized liposuction garment or compression garment. This compression garment will aid in reducing the swelling and assist in keeping the new shape of your body part until it fully recovers.

Prescription painkillers will be provided to help alleviate any soreness as the anesthesia wears off. You can proceed to your home within hours, granting that the anesthetics have worn off and it is safe for you to travel, it is advised that you have someone with you for the next 12 hours or so.

General anesthetics can momentarily affect your coordination and reasoning skills, so, do not consume alcoholic drinks, sign important documents or even utilize machinery in the next 48 hours.

After the operation, before you proceed home, your doctor or nurse will give you directives on how to care for your elastic garment and when and how you can perform as carefully as possible while recuperating from your liposuction treatment.

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