Liposuction Fat Transfer

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that is known to effectively eliminate unwanted, excess fats in different areas of the body. There are many kinds, methods and techniques in liposuction. However, there is one kind of liposuction that does not only remove fats from the body but also transfer the fat into another part of the body that needs it. This procedure is called the liposuction fat transfer.

Liposuction fat transfer is more commonly used in breast augmentation. This technique has been around for many years but isn’t that popular because it hasn’t been that successful. During that time, the fat that needs to be transferred more often than not gets damaged or destroyed unintentionally during the grafting process. As a result, the fats that were grafted are being absorbed by the body and be transported to the liver or the lymphatic system which fails the whole procedure.

However, due to the ever evolving and improving technology, a newer grafting technique has been developed to effectively and carefully harvest fat from an area of the body that has commonly have excess fats like the thighs and the tummy, and place them into the breasts. If the procedure is done properly, the fats placed on the breasts will make make a new home for itself making it more natural because the fats came from their body itself. This procedure is also popularly known as natural breast augmentation.

The procedure takes a lot more time than the traditional breast implants using silicone or saline implants. The surgery takes about 5 hours so it is very important that the plastic surgeon who will perform this on you is highly qualified and skilled, experienced and licensed. Ask everything there is to know about the procedure especially the risks involved, the possible and realistic outcome of the procedure on you and if this is the best option for you so you could make a well informed decision.

Fat transfer breast augmentation requires general anesthesia and is considered to be fairly safe when done properly. This procedure also has a lot of advantages over other implants because of the use of your own tissue. This will guarantee that your body’s immune system will not reject or have a negative reaction on the grafted tissue. Aside from that, it will also be more natural looking which is important in most women. Only minimal scarring is involved, only about 4 tiny scars are visible.

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