Liposuction Facial

The face is part of the body that cannot be hidden by clothing. Not only lower part of the body has problems with fat deposits but also the sub-mental. Problems with regards to the shape of the face due to excess fats have been resolved by the development of liposuction. Obvious excess fats on face of many people inspire doctors to develop treatment called liposuction facial. Fat deposits in face can be hereditary and cannot be toned naturally by exercise and diet. The face is a sensitive area that’s why surgeons must be very careful in performing liposuction facial.

To be a qualified candidate for liposuction facial, you must be healthy not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. You must be also positive when it comes to the outcome of the procedure. The areas of the face that can be subjected to liposuction facial are the neck, cheek, jowl and chin.

Though the procedure is not invasive you will still feel a little pain and discomfort. Swelling cannot be avoided but can heal fast.  The surgeon will start the procedure by inserting cannula into the tiny incisions near the area to be treated. The cannula then sucks out the excess fats. Stitches will be made after the procedure. This liposuction facial procedure is usually done on outpatient. Recovery is fast that patients can return to their normal activities very soon.

Liposuction on facial areas of the body cost is ranging from $1000 to $4000 depending on the geographical location of the practice, procedure to be done, surgeon’s fee, amount of fats to be suctioned. Time required in performing the procedure is from one hour to two hours.

Liposuction facial can be performed in other way using ultrasonic liposuction technique. The cannula is designed with a tip that emits or produces ultrasound waves that turn the fats into liquid making it easier to suction. This technique is less traumatic than the traditional way of contouring the face thru facial liposuction. The cost of this procedure is more or less $2000.

Though the fact that liposuction is not a procedure to loose weight, it still has a big role in contouring facial features. Facial liposuction can bring the right balance of the face resulting to overall improvement in appearance.

The complications associated with this procedure are the allergic reaction to anesthesia, asymmetry, hematom or seroma, lumpiness, motting and dissatisfaction. But by choosing the right surgeon and right procedure, performing your duties as a responsible patient, these complications can be, if not eliminated, at least lessen.

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