Liposuction Double Chin

Liposuction double chin is the procedure of eliminating fat deposits in the chin. Fats problems in sub-mental is hardly hidden by clothing. That’s why most men and women who suffer from his problem opt to undergo liposuction double chin. The cost associated with this procedure is ranging from $1,500 to $7,500 plus additional cost of $25for the compression garments to be used after the procedure.

Liposuction double chin starts making the chin area numb with local anesthesia. Under the skin a few small incisions are made where cannula will be inserted. This cannula breaks up the fats and then suction then out. To make the healing process faster, drainage tubes are inserted. The procedure can be done even to outpatients.

There is also one way of performing liposuction double chin, it’s the use of tumescent technique. A saline solution is injected to the areas where fats are deposited making it easier to remove. Another way to perform liposuction double chin is by using ultrasonic liposuction wherein sound waves are used to melt the fats which becomes easier to be suctioned out. This procedure is less invasive due the process to melting first the fats.

To qualify to undergo liposuction double chin, you must be healthy physically, non smoker, and have fat deposits under the chin.  This article is not to give only the benefits and positive effects but also it aims to enumerate the risk and limitations of liposuction double chin. By undergoing chin liposuction patients must prepared for the possibility of bleeding, blood clots, fluid overload, embolism, scarring, uneven fat removal, nerve or tissue damage, burns and allergic reactions to drugs.

Cost of liposuction double chin varies depending on the geographical location of the practice. But to give you a definite idea how much you need to prepare, the cost is ranging from $2000 to $4000.

Not only women are the target market of this procedure but also men. Men also encounter problem with regards to double chin making them part of the wide market of this procedure. The two main reasons why men engage in liposuction double chin are: (1) removing of fats from their chin, and (2) making their appearance more pleasing to women. The limitation of this procedure is that overweight people cannot engage in this it.

Chin liposuction can be performed for about one hour. Recovery is fast due to the non-invasive procedure. Patients are advised to take enough rest and to wear bandage.

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