Liposuction Doctors

Liposuction may not be as risky, time consuming and severe as other surgical procedures.   It does not mean though that the procedure is 100% safe.   Most of the time, your chosen physician to perform the surgery is the important factor to a safe and effective procedure.   The following are some things that you should be aware of about liposuction doctors:

The Where and Who

Even though doctors can carry out the operation in a surgery center, Liposuction procedure may also be done in the hospital, in an outpatient section.   Any doctor can carry out liposuction surgery.  However, most liposuction surgery is performed by dermatologists or surgeons.    By law, this kind of surgery does not involve trainings or special requirements.   This means that the success and familiarity of the procedure will depend on your doctor’s ability.

The Doctor’s Task

The doctor should be able to assess you as to whether you are currently healthy for liposuction surgery aside from being the one who will remove the body fats.   He must also look into the condition of your fat deposits and the flexibility of the skin.   Primarily, through your unique condition, the doctor should be able to determine the right liposuction technique for you.  In other words, your doctor is responsible to establish your qualification as a candidate for a safe and successful liposuction surgery.

The Dangers of Choosing the Wrong Doctor

Even though liposuction is generally a safe procedure with very limited casualties, yet there are experts who seem to mess up or exhibit the dangers of the surgery.  Misfortune could happen, like:  excessive bleeding, organ punctures, tissue injury and chemical toxicity.  Of course, you would not want to be included on one in a million casualties in the hands of an incompetent doctor.  

Choosing the Right Doctor

Here are some tips and advice:

  • The surgeon should have neat clinic and surrounding.   A reputable doctor must explain the equipment to be used for the procedure and will let you explore the facilities.  In case of urgent situations, the clinic must be near emergency medical facilities.  It is still best to look for a doctor in a reputable hospital or medical facility if you are in doubt about your doctor. 


  • Thoroughly be knowledgeable about the liposuction surgery that you are about to undergo.   Although you do not understand much about the procedure, you must be able to create the right questions for your doctor to answer. 


  • Do not choose the first doctor you come across with.  You must have scrutinized or interviewed a number of doctors before choosing the best one.   If you could get commendations from trusted friends and relatives, that would be better.   They will be able to lead you to the best doctors in the field of liposuction surgery.  


  • Check on the doctor’s history and qualifications.   Of course, it is best to go for a licensed surgeon even though any doctors may conduct liposuction surgery.  At least, he must be a graduate of a recognized medical school and licensed by organizations for surgeons.  Having some special training in liposuction would be better too. 

Now, it’s time to pick one of the best liposuction doctors in town.

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