Liposuction Consultation

If you have been pondering on whether to go through with a liposuction procedure for the a long time the best way to go about it is to have a liposuction consultation, by directly consulting with a plastic surgeon you can get the real run down on whether or not having your chin or tummy undergo liposuction is well worth the money and risk.

You can start by researching on a specific plastic surgeon and finding out if he or she is part of an accredited liposuction clinic or a resident of a particular hospital. When this is done you can secure an appointment with the plastic surgeon for a scheduled consultation, it would be best if you have prepared your questions and you can get concise and sensible questions from various bog sites or websites offering free advice on the matter. Pertinent questions like cost, downtime, possible risk, credentials of the surgeon, experience in performing your particular liposuction procedure should be asked.

It would also be prudent to ask the plastic surgeon about the procedure itself and what actual benefits can be gained from getting liposuction treatment. Research will also be key, finding out before going to your consultation appointment with the plastic surgeon whether or not he or she has been involved in any lawsuit or criminal or civil case related to his or her profession. Getting permission from the surgeon to get in touch with previous patients is also good practice. Viewing photographs of past patients with pre-operation and post-operation comparisons is also good, but do be warned that photos can be manipulated.

Also make sure that the plastic surgeon is well aware of the generally accepted guidelines on what can be and cannot be done during liposuction such as the maximum volume of fat that can be removed in a single treatment, the maximum limit of areas of the body that can be treated with liposuction in a single day and other things that are essential in significantly lessening the risk of any medical complication. Remember, people have died during a simple liposuction procedure.

What to expect during a consultation? Most probably you will be asked by the plastic surgeon to remove clothing that is covering your body part that wished to be treated, you will of course be provided with a gown. Measurements will also be taken. The surgeon may manually handle your skin and pinch or tug on your skin gently to test skin laxity, cellulite volume and density of fat deposits. This might all make you feel queasy but this is simply part of the consultation.

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