Liposuction Compression Garment

One of the recovery tips is using a liposuction compression garment (also known as a girdle). This will apply external pressure to the skin surface. Pressing down on the skin, the liposuction compression garment squeezes body fluids back on the way to deeper tissues, reducing edema (swelling) in the affected areas.

Some questions that maybe asked about are:

  1. Why are liposuction compression garments worn after liposuction?
  2. What type of garment must be worn after surgery?
  3. How long must I wear a girdle (liposuction compression garment) after surgery?
  4. How does the “open-drainage” reduce time a compression garment must be worn?
  5. Can the blood-tinged drainage be prevented from staining clothing, and furniture?
  6. How does “bimodal compression” accelerate healing after liposuction?
  7. What are the risks of using of elastic compression garments after liposuction?
  8. Does Reston foam reduce bruising when applied to a patient after liposuction?
  9. How much the liposuction compression does garments cost?


During your recovery, don’t apply ice packs or heating pads without your doctor’s consent. Be careful standing up or showering as the trauma to the body makes fainting or dizziness likely, and if not expected, injury can occur if you faint. Before and after 48 hours for the surgery, do not consume any alcohol. Also, do not soak in a bath, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, or the ocean for at least 7 days after the surgery in order to avoid infection.

In most cases, some of the swelling is gone within 3 weeks and by 6 weeks, pretty much of the swelling has usually disappeared. Some studies show that some slight swelling and changes in the remaining fat beneath the area operated upon may continue for many months following surgery. Keep in mind, on the other hand, that the final results of your surgery may not reveal themselves completely for up to 6 months or more after the procedure.

One of the better advantages about wearing a liposuction compression garment is that loose skin (on your body), is held firmly against the body, and far more likely to heal without sagging. And while using a liposuction compression garment can do nothing but help your recovery to be quicker, safer and more comfortable!

Numerous citizens assume that because liposuction permanently removes fat cells, it’s impractical to regain weight in the treated areas. This is only partially true. Adults have a fixed number of fat cells, and liposuction do away with some of these cells enduringly. The remaining fat cells can grow bigger, especially if you don’t exercise and maintain a healthy diet. This means trouble spots can return. However, weight gain after liposuction will usually be scattered to other parts of your body instead of settling back into the old trouble spot areas.

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