Liposuction before and after photos

Photos have always been the best evidence in any circumstances. This also goes with liposuction; photos of patients before and after the performance of liposuction procedure are best description on how liposuction can miraculously work in our body. Contouring the body with exercise and diet alone is hardly achievable. But with liposuction, excess and unwanted fats are easily removed with various techniques. The body of human being has different types, and because of technology development liposuction offers several techniques that you can choose from to which your body feels comfortable with. This article aims to produce various techniques with their corresponding pictures of before and after effects.

1. Laser assisted liposuction is the modern version of all types of liposuction. Suctioning with the use of incisions and insertion of cannula is replaced by laser fiber which produces heat that breaks down the fat cells to become liquid. Through this process fats are easier to suck. It also tightens the skin. Laser assisted liposuction cab be done through the use of local or general anesthetic depending on the area to the treated. Below is a sample of laser liposuction.

BEFORE                                                         AFTER


Laser liposuction on abdomen


Laser liposuction on back

2. Water-Jet Liposuction is done with washing away fats with gentle fluids spray that leaves the skin with no bruises and swelling. Below is a photo that shows the exact description of water-jet assisted liposuction.


Water-Jet Assisted liposuction in a woman’s tummy


Water-Jet Assisted liposuction on male abdomen

3. Smart-lipo Laser Liposuction uses a laser fiber in removing fats. This laser fiber is inserted into the skin. Fats are easily drained away due to the laser’s energy delivered to the skin which makes the moving of the cannula back and forth causing the rupture of the fat cells. The size of the cannula is very small for about 1.0mm to 2.0mm which leaves the skin with minimal swelling and bruising. Quicker recovery is an assurance due to lesser bleeding. This procedure can be under local anesthetic resulting to safer and minimal side effects.

Smartlipo on tummy

Smartlipo on double chin

4. Power assisted liposuction is more gentle way of removing fats out of the body because of the used of rotating cannula. It requires les anesthetic than traditional liposuction. It is a procedure which can be performed in a shorter period on time which gives the patient a shorter period of discomfort and lower rates of complication risk and quicker recovery. Power assisted liposuction is also considered a more effective sculpting procedure than tumescent techniques. The suction tubes used are smaller in size that assures smoother and more attractive results. The benefits of smaller incisions are smaller scars, more comfortable procedure and shorter recovery period


PAL on a woman’s back

5. Ultrasound liposuction is a technique that requires the use of high-frequency ultrasonic fields to enhance the way of removing fats, to increase the amount of fat to be extracted and to give the patient lesser discomfort.


UAL on men abdomen


UAL on woman

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