Liposuction AZ

In the 1980’s, Liposculpting or liposuction was introduced to the United States and became increasingly popular. Liposuction AZ, CA, CO, HI, and MI states have healthy populations of Cosmetic Surgeons who practice if not specialize in liposuction. Lipoplasty began way back in 1974, when Dr. Giorgio Fischer an Italian gynecologist invented liposuction or lipoplasty in Rome, Liposuction as a cosmetic surgical procedure also known as lipoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures all over the world today. Men and women have this insatiable appetite to look beautiful if not perfect.

Liposculpting, more popularly referred to as liposuction or lipoplasty is a surgical procedure where fat deposits are removed from areas of the body that are not effectively removed or toned by traditional approaches such as dieting and exercise, these areas are actually resistant to such methods and due to a mix of factors such as age, fat rich diet, lack of exercise, and other complications have excess fat deposits that misshape these parts of the body like the neck, knees, legs, abdomen, flanks, upper arms, and calves.

Aside from regular liposuction there is also the ultrasonic assisted-liposuction and there are two kinds, one is the internal UAL and the other one is the external ultrasonic liposuction. The internal UAL procedure involves the injection of a combination of saline solution and anesthetics, also epinephrine is added into the area to be treated, this concoction helps in the elimination of the fat deposits and also makes sure that there is still sufficient fluid in the exact area of treatment. The ultrasonic energy is delivered with the cannula. UAL may not be available in the US, Liposuction AZ, CA, CO, HI, MI and many other states have rejected the use of ultrasonic machines.

Other techniques such as “Microliposuction” the novelty of this procedure is that it makes use of smaller cannulas which are only less than half the diameter of standard cannulas used in traditional liposuction, the cannulas used for microliposuction are only 1to 3 millimeters in circumference and are utilized to take out excess fat deposits from areas like the face and neck, an average of three liters of fat can be taken out per treatment.

About 4 year ago, a company based in Germany known as Human Med AB, invented and pioneered a new technology, they called this new technology as jet water assisted liposuction, currently marketed under the brand name BodyJet. The machine works in the same principle as tumescent liposuction, which is done together with UAL. The main distinction is the employ of a water jet as an alternative to ultrasonic waves to aid in separating the fat from under the skin. Cosmetic surgeons are slowly introducing this method as an alternative technique.

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