Liposculpture vs Liposuction

Do you think you’re being lied to?  A living wisdom tells us that the only way to lose weight and get rid of fat is by means of correct exercise and diet.  This advice is more often than not accurate; however, it seems that no amount of exercise or dieting can eliminate the most stubborn of fat.   It is at that point cosmetic surgery is considered.  Once you have started thinking on what cosmetic surgery can deliver, you will be checking out and even wonder the difference of liposculpture vs liposuction.   They are the most common cosmetic surgery ever.  So, let’s discuss their main differences right away!

The process that can remove medium to large amounts of body fat is called liposuction technique.  It has been principal treatment for both men and women to eradicate excess fats from hips, thighs, stomach, love handles, outer breasts, and upper arms.   Liposuction is administered under general anesthesia.  Before the patient is allowed to go home and go back to usual day-to-day activities, it requires a recovery period. 

In contrast, liposculpture, also known as tumescent liposuction, does not have the same disadvantage.   Liposculpture is a procedure appropriate for small to medium levels of fat, to form, to carve and tighten areas of the body.  The ability to sharpen and accentuate features is what the “sculpture” part of its name refers to in areas such as the neck, cheeks, outer buttocks, upper abdomen and male breasts.   Liposculpture is carried out by creating tiny incisions where the tumescent solution of lidocaine and epinephrine, compared to the traditional method of liposuction, are administered through a cannula.   To soften and loosen fats from its surrounding skin a solution is administered so it can easily be suctioned out.   Epinephrine reduces the size of the capillaries which lessen blood loss while, lidocaine numbs the area to be treated.   Since the effect resulted with minimal scars from tiny incisions, recovery time is not needed.   Substantial results may also be observed immediately after the procedure.  

Those are the most important differences between liposculpture vs liposuction.  No wonder the former reaped such attention.

Trying to make a decision between liposculpture vs liposuction?  To make the most informed decision, you need to understand the risk and benefits of both.  It is not sufficient to merely know the facts.  It is really practical to consult a credible physician or cosmetic specialist.  They will guide you to choose which method to use and will help you attain what you really want.   They will also know if you’re a good candidate for the process.   Your general heath conditions and weight are essential factors to consider before any steps are taken.   You may also tackle the cost of the procedure.   Patients should remember that the amount of fat to be removed and the type of anesthesia used are considered factors for the cost of the treatment. 

So, by this time, you already know the difference between Liposculpture vs Liposuction.   Because of all these facts, both procedures deal with enhancing your appearance and self confidence, with little or no complications at all.   Finally, you should maintain a realistic views and expectations from either procedure.

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