Lazer Liposuction

Lazer liposuction is a much more practical way of going through liposuction. Using modern technology, lasers, these lasers minimize damage to the blood vessels and reduce the swelling and bruising. Used together with tumescent technique and micro cannulas, cosmetic surgeons are able to make smaller more insignificant incisions and enable the surgeon to be more precise in contouring the target area for lazer liposuction.

Cosmetic surgeons use only local anesthetic when carrying out laser liposculpture, doing away with the high risk of general anesthesia. The tumescent technique utilized in nearly all lazer liposuction operations entail minimal or no blood loss. The minute cannulas used in lazer lipo surgery need only the smallest of incisions, seriously reducing the risk of infection and bruising.

Lazer liposuction allows liposuction surgeons to sculpt your body with accurate contours. The laser encourages skin tightening over treated areas. Smaller micro cannulas mean smaller incisions that do not need sutures and cause no unattractive scars.

This is an outpatient procedure, with almost all surgeries being performed in your surgeons’ own clinic. Since local anesthetic is used, you are lucid throughout the operation and you can actually go home within a few hours after the surgery is performed. Once fat cells are removed, they permanently removed. Unlike other forms of weight loss surgery, lazer liposuction results are permanent. Adults do not produce new fat cells; when adults gain weight, existing fat cells expand. During lazer lipo surgery, the laser emulsifies fatty tissue, and the cosmetic surgeon removes the cells from the body. When fat cells are removed through laser lipo, the patient is permanently loses those fat cells that have been treated. Recovery time or down time is almost not an issue, with laser lipo being one of the least invasive techniques of liposuction.

Physicians also agree that there are of course inherent risk in the utilization of the lazer liposuction since the procedure itself utilizes high heat that may consequently result skin blistering and burns, the method may therefore also produce a condition called seroma, a swelling of lymphatic liquid into cavities in the treated areas, seroma may be a result of too much aggressive removal of fat deposits. Peripheral nerve damage and blood clots are other risks that need to be disclosed and discussed.

Consult a cosmetic surgeon for the risk and benefits associated with lazer liposuction, knowing and understanding fully how this particular liposuction method works is very important and having the right information is key to enjoying fully the benefits of Lazer liposuction.

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