Laser liposuction

Laser liposuction is much gentler and remarkable new technique to reduce fat from the different areas and make the body more sculping and recontour. In this liposuction process, laser is used to focus a low energy waves on to the part of the body where fat is accumulated.This waves helps to weaken the membrane of the cells that hold the fat tissue by penetrating the skin surface.then fat is suctiond out with the help  of a thin cannula which is inserted in to the skin through a small incision.the pioneer of laser assisted liposuction is Dr.Rodrigo neira who was a columbian surgeon. He first noticed that with the help of this device fat can released from the fat cells by emulsified form without any harmnes of fat help to reliefe pain and short recovery time.


Laser liposuction was developed most commonly used in conjunction of the traditional method specially tumescent method.In traditional method surgeon uses a large tube called cannula into the body fat area.Physical force is involve with thi method to truly breakup the fat cells and suctioned out from the body.most traitional method uses some solution that inject into the treated area to soften the fat cells that can easily be suction out. But as the physical forces need to breakup the fat cells it produces a lot of problems such as,damage the connective tissues,blood vesseles, and created trauma.Unlike traditionl surgery, laser liposuction is minimally invasive because it needs only a small tiny incision so often don’t required stiching up afterwards.


The main advantage of laser liposuction is the short recovery time and less pain Majority of patient do not required any type of pain killer medication after operation. Only sedative is use in the recovery time. In typical liposuction procedure patient require one or two weeks for fully recover of body. Laser liposuction patient usually back to their normal daily activities juts after one day.


Laser liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure and any surgery procedure has some risk or disadvantages. In this procedure injury of internal organ may possible and other complicacy like excessive bleeding, swelling, bruising, scaring, and infection may take place. Removing too much fat can make skin irregularities. But as laser liposuction procedure, a small incision has made so that there is less possibilities to remove excess amount of fat. Cost of laser liposuction surgeries varies from different surgeon, and different treated areas. Using of local anesthesia make the cost lower.


Laser liposuction became gradually popular and make happy patient by reduction of fat and newly sculpting body will be permanent if patient follow the proper diet and exercise.

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