Laser Liposuction Pictures

Laser liposuction is a much more sensible way of having liposuction. By means of modern equipment, lasers minimize damage to the blood vessels and reduce the swelling and bruising. The results can be reviewed by searching for laser liposuction pictures.

Employed with tumescent liposuction method and microcannula, plastic surgeons are able to make smaller incisions and allow the plastic surgeon to be more accurate in sculpting the target area for laser liposuction treatment.

Plastic surgeons employ local anesthetic when performing laser liposuction, discarding the use of general anesthesia. The tumescent method used in nearly all laser liposuction treatments result in reduced or no blood loss. The microcannulas utilized in laser lipo technique require only the smallest of incisions, considerably lessening the risk of infection and bruising as evidenced in laser liposuction pictures. Laser liposuction permit plastic surgeons to contour your body with precise movements. The laser energy promotes skin tightening. This is an outpatient treatment, with approximately all surgeries being done in the surgeons’ own clinic. Since local anesthetic is applied, you are conscious throughout the treatment and you can go home after a few hours after the treatment is completed. Fat that is removed, are permanently eliminated.

Interestingly, adults do not create new fat cells; when adults gain weight, existing fat cells expand. In laser liposuction, the fatty tissue is disrupted and emulsified, and the plastic surgeon extracts the emulsified fat cells through liposuction.

Plastic surgeons agree that there are of course natural risks in the employment of lasers in liposuction, the technique employs high heat that may therefore result in skin blistering and burns, the method can also lead to a condition called seroma, a swelling of lymphatic liquid into cavities in the treated areas, seroma result from too much forceful elimination of fat deposits. Peripheral nerve damage and blood clots are other risks that the patient may be exposed to. Laser liposuction pictures available in the Internet can help you better understand the clear benefits of choosing laser liposuction surgery over other liposuction techniques and this better understanding and knowledge can help you gain realistic expectations that are a crucial requisite for anyone wanting to go through liposuction treatment.

It is best to make sure that the liposuction clinic or surgeon is well-versed in the application and use of laser liposuction technology since there have been documented occurrences of things going wrong during laser liposuction, but admittedly laser technology and its use in liposuction surgery has greatly reduced the traditional risks commonly associated with liposuction such as swelling, bruising and bleeding as well as post op pain and complications, but improper usage of the heat energy and its incorrect application may result in horrendous burns and blisters that you can see in various laser liposuction pictures that depict failed treatments.

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