Is liposuction safe

Is liposuction safe? That is a question that many people ask themselves everyday as they ponder whether to have this procedure done or not. To answer that question, there are several things to consider. One, what part of the body do you plan to have work on, and two, how much fat do you need to have removed. Relatively speaking, liposuction is safe, but with any surgery, there are risks. If you have the procedure done by a licensed professional, then there should be little risk in having it done, but if you should choose someone that is less than qualified, the risk will be greater.

So, the question of is liposuction safe or not can be answered by considering a few factors:

  • Complete disclosure of your medical history, including any conditions you may have, as well as any medications you may be on, or any other factors that a doctor may need to weigh before performing surgery.
  • Whether the surgeon can determine the candidacy of a patient.
  • The skill level of the surgeon is at the procedure.
  • The skill level of the anesthesiologist is, if they are needed.
  • The skill level of the rest of the surgical staff.
  • The risks that come naturally with the procedure
  • The skill level of the recovery staff.
  • The patient’s ability to follow postoperative instructions exactly as they are given.
  • Risks that can occur naturally after the surgery is done.

So, with these factors in mind, the question of is liposuction safe is made easier to answer.

The biggest risks that can go along with liposuction is Pulmonary Thromboemboli, which is a blood clot in the lungs, as well as Fat Emboli, which is fat deposits that breaks away and gets into large organs. These conditions can present themselves within 72 hours, but are most complications are likely to occur within the first 24 hours after surgery.

Is liposuction safe in a doctor’s office, or in a hospital? The hospital is the safest place to have this done, in reality that may not be the case. There are times where a private office might actually be more sterile than a hospital setting, and there might be a lower risk of infection as well. Though, there can be some cases from private surgeons as well, due to instruments that are not sterilized properly.

So, to answer the question is liposuction safe, the answer is that it is for the most part safe, but as with any surgery, there are risks, and the patient must be willing to follow whatever the doctor requires after the surgery.

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