How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

This is the usual question a prospective patient asks. Here are some tips in calculating how much you will spend in engaging liposuction. In determining liposuction cost you must consider the area of the body to be treated. The larger the area, the higher the cost. Liposuction is usually done in neck, chin, hip, calves, arms, buttocks, ankles, breast, thighs and waist. Cost may vary depending on the fat to be extracted. Men have usually more fibrous fats than women which make it harder top remove. You may also consider the method to be used. You cannot just pick any method or any kind of liposuction due to extensive consideration of your body status. You must understand that your body has a certain level of fitness to receive such operations. Your body may react positively or negatively. It is proper to determine first what your body needs before indulging yourself to undergo such surgery. Liposuction might not be the one your body needs.

Location of the clinic also affects the cost. If you choose to go to a clinic where demand is very high, tendency is that you will have to pay higher fee also. By choosing liposuction as your way of bringing yourself to fitness, do not just pick any doctor who charges you lesser fees. Remember that once your body encountered damaging and disfiguring operations, you might have hard times repairing it. If worst comes to worst, it will not be repaired anymore. Choosing a doctor with enough knowledge and experience is more commendable than anything else.

Cost may also vary depending on the facilities to be used. The newest the technology and equipments, the higher the cost for clinic owners would prioritize the recovery of the cost they’ve incurred in obtaining those equipments. Considering the equipments is ideal to do for you to be risk free from any contamination.

Cost of liposuction may also include but not limited to, facilities fees, liposuction garments, blood test and laboratory test. Some doctors also perform the following activities after liposuction such as ultrasound, massage, or Endomologie.

Take into consideration also the duration of the process to take place. The more extensive the procedure will surely cost you higher. If you have thicker fat deposits the longer will it takes your doctor to remove it.

Some clinic in Chicago charge their patients for garments, blood testing, and prescription at approximately $350.The liposuction itself costs $2,000 for women and $3,000 for men. The average cost of liposuction in one area of the body is up to $4,000, in three areas is $6,000 to $8,000, and in five areas is $8,000 to $11,000. Facilities fee varies depending on the areas to be treated, ranging from $600 to $1,200. The rest will be charged to surgeon’s fees. Basically, fee for anesthesiologist is lower since it can be done with a local anesthesia. But some clinics hire their own anesthesiologist which may cost from $500 to $1,000.

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