How Expensive is Liposuction

How expensive is liposuction? First of all, what is liposuction anyways? Well, liposuction is a very popular cosmetic plastic surgical procedure that is performed to remove unwanted fatty deposits from specific areas of a person’s body. The surgical procedure entails the surgical removal of fat via incisions made near the target areas for treatment; the cosmetic surgeon uses stainless steel tubes called cannulas to literally suck out the fat and sculpt the area into the desired shape and form. The surgical procedure is typically performed while under general anesthesia.

Most of the time the main determining factor in knowing how expensive is liposuction to a prospective patient is the cosmetic surgeons’ fees, the more effort and time spent by the cosmetic surgeon the bigger the bill, this is referred to as the surgical fees, these are the things carried out during the surgery itself, while the other fees accumulated during pre-operation and post operation are called non-surgical fees like medications, consultancy fees, medical consumables so on and so forth. Another determining factor is the liposuction technique to be used. Time and technology has given way to new developments since 1974 when liposuction was first invented as a surgical technique.

Depending on which technique and what technology is used can dictate how expensive is liposuction going to be for you. If the conventional method with tumescent fluid is the technique performed you’d probably be charged an average of $1,500 USD up to $8,000 USD per treatment. Tumescent liposuction or the super wet technique uses a tumescent fluid made up of saline solution mixed with anesthetic that is injected to the areas of the body to be treated prior to liposuction. The tumescent fluid emulsifies the fat deposits and reduces the trauma and bleeding of the surrounding tissue, it also deadens the pain because of the presence of anesthetic in the fluid itself. The emulsified fat is then easier and faster to remove causing much less stress to the patients’ body and less effort and time for the surgeon to complete the operation, which means less surgical fees.

Other more advance techniques jack up how expensive liposuction is going to get like laser liposuction, which might cost you up to $4,000 USD per treatment. This technique actually significantly lessens the time and effort of the surgeon performing the liposuction but is almost non-invasive and the recovery time for the patient is phenomenal, it also entails less risk overall, but the technology is fairly new and not widespread so the cost is really higher since it still has the novelty about it. To find out more about other liposuction techniques and how expensive is liposuction going to be for you consult a cosmetic surgeon as soon as possible and conduct your own research on prices and cost.

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