Going Through Liposuction Pain

Just like any surgical operation, liposuction pain is always an issue.  Many wanted to undergo the procedure but many are concerned about the gravity of liposuction.  Liposuction may differ in different factors and thus the gravity of pain depends on various reasons.  The amount of fat removed from the patients’ bodies, no matter how big it is, is not a determinant of the gravity of pain.

Liposuction has different procedure from which you can choose depending on the techniques you find more fitting to your needs.  Every person has different level of tolerance when it comes to pain.  You must understand these levels and discuss to the doctor your personal experience and preference when it comes to pain.  Depending on the procedures used, pain can be somewhat mild compared to other procedures.

The flushing of melted body fats inside the body is the common factor of all liposuction procedure.  The difference among the procedures is how fats are melted.  Liposuction treatments that use laser beams to melt fats and treatments that use ultrasonic sounds to melt the stored fats are less painful.  Tumescent liposuction melt fats by introducing a saline solution to the affected are by injecting it.  Patients undergoing liposuction treatment should be in local anesthesia.

Basically, during the surgery you will actually not feel any pain because you are sedated.  The surgery is performed by licensed surgeons and likewise understood the limitations and risks of liposuction.  It is important to discuss the goals, limitations and risk of the operation to the patient to make sure that the patient will have realistic results.  Many patients treat liposuction as super treatment that gives you instant beauty.

Local anesthesia usually lasts for about a day or less, since the pain will continue until everything has been healed, pain relievers are taken to reduce the pain.  Usually, these relievers do not contain steroids and have an anti-inflammatory agent.  The next day, just after the surgery, you will feel the soreness and the tiredness.  Your body underwent a stressful operation and you need to take some rest and take pain relievers.

Make sure that your surgeon gave you local anesthesia.  If the doctor gave you a general anesthesia, the pain will be much stronger.  Other surgeons closed the wounds with stitches while some of them leave the wounds open to quickly flush out liquid in the body.  Wearing garments can also help in reducing the liposuction pain.

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