Flank liposuction

Do you have that extra bulge on your waistband on your sides and back when you put on your favorite skinny or tight fitting jeans?  As embarrassing as it may feel, you are not the only person experiencing this.  Trying to cover it up with loose shirts could probably do the trick temporarily but you won’t be able to hide it forever for sooner or later, the ugly truth will still be revealed.  For this kind of dilemma where in both men and women accumulate extra fat in their flanks or the love handles, many people resort to flank liposuction

The excess fats that develop on the flank area can be a result of many things like aging, weight loss and pregnancy.  The fats are commonly found along the sides and back of the waistline.  People who are overweight or chubby are not the only ones experiencing this but it is also possible for young or thin people to have the extra fats around the waistline. 

Flank liposuction can be done in various techniques but the best one that has a permanent and lasting effect is the tumescent liposuction technique.  This technique can enable you to wear whatever you want without the stubborn love handles and make you look better because of your trimmed waistline and improved body proportions.  This technique is safer than that of the traditional liposuction.  Local anesthetic is required for this procedure which means it’s less invasive. After numbing the treated areas with the local anesthetic, a laser is then used to melt the fat stored under the skin and promote skin tightening.  After that, incisions will be made on each side so the surgeon could sculpt and trim your waistline.  A cannula, which is a small, thin tube, would be inserted to suction the fat out of the body.  This procedure is less painful, gives less bruising and requires faster recovery time.

Flank liposuction is being considered by a lot of people because the permanent, lasting procedure and gives waistline a slimmer and more contoured shape.  The procedure only lasts about an hour and requires light sedation.  Recovery period is faster because it’s less invasive and patients are reported to be back at work after one or two days after the surgery. This type of liposuction is considered to be a safe procedure for most and women.  Before deciding to go through this procedure, you may want to consult a medical practitioner to find out more about the process and if it is recommended for your status and situation.  There are plastic surgeons that offer a free consultation on the first visit so you may want to take advantage this one and fire away all your concerns.

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