Facial liposuction

Facial liposuction may be defined as removing of fat from the face area where fat has gathered such as chin, neck, and jowls. Fat deposits of this region makes older of a person. By facial liposuction one can get rid of this problem. It is a safe cosmetic surgery procedure by which people look and feel younger and more attractive. Facial liposuction is very good choices for the people who have double chin, and lost their jaw line for excess fat.

Facial liposuction is performed by the process of tumescent liposuction with the help of small tube named cannula under local anesthesia. At first some fluid has to inject into the skin to numbness the area. Then the microcannula inserted through a small puncture under the chin or jaw line to suctioned out fat. To the compared with other surgical process, facial liposuction is more desirable because it minimize the scaring very rapidly.

Peoples, who want to remove their pocket of fat from neck, jaw or any area of face which is very bothering to them and have excessively wrinkled skin, will be the best candidate for facial liposuction. Any range of age’s people can go through with liposuction surgery but older people might not get the best result for their skin non-elasticity. They have to take the other procedure such as facelift for tightened the skin after liposuction surgery. So the younger patient who has elastic skin quality can expect better result from facial liposuction.

The recovery period of facial liposuction is comparatively short than other parts of liposuction. The puncture area should be stitched in which the cannula has inserted. For this reason patient have to wear compression garments to support that area by the doctors suggestion up to 4-5 days. Bruising and swelling that causes discomfort of patients is more common in this surgery. In most cases facial liposuction patients can back to their normal routine after one week but to get final result patient should have to wait three to six months.

The cost of facial liposuction varies. It depends on several factors like, how much fat should be removed, qualification of surgeon, and the place where the surgery have done. Facial liposuction is not very complex. Since local anesthesia is used so cost is being relatively lower. The approximate range of facial liposuction is in between $2000 to $5000

The qualified and expert surgeon can suggest about the safest and most effective liposuction surgery procedure by examine the individual patients.

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