Extreme liposuction

Over the past three decades, we’ve known the conventional and modernized procedures of liposuction. Any of these procedures creates pain while the process is currently done. They all leave swelling and bruising which is inevitable based on the procedure done where there is a need for incisions as a tool to suck out the excess fats out of the body. Today, they have developed another advance technology called extreme liposuction. It is labelled as amazing, futuristic and advanced system with proven clinical results.

Extreme liposuction is created to replace painful liposuction. It is the combination of 7 new technology of liposuction. It is a machine developed to work effectively on slimming, cellulite removal with the ability to repair skin elasticity. It also focuses on wrinkle removal due to its anti-aging solutions. Extreme liposuction in general is a fast, effective and permanent removal of excess fats with a promise of staying young due to its ability to repair skin elasticity and removal of wrinkles.

Extreme liposuction is the combination of the latest Radio Frequency (RF) with sound vacuum Frequency, magical crystal, fat kneading slimming technology, LED and cooling ice probe and latest BIO technologies. The Radio Frequency (RF) heats up the fat 5-15cm under the skin, it also increases the diffusion of oxygen and reinforce the in and out of cell speeding up the metabolism of body fats. It also relocates the water glycerine. The energy that RF releases reinforces the flexibility of the skin. The vacuum and mechanical roll equipped with this technology increases the blood supply and releases the catalysed enzymes which are a requirement to the faster metabolism of fats.

Due to the increase in the diffusion of oxygen, the lymphatic system will eliminate the waste. It also cures fibrosis cellulite making the skin looking bruise and scars free after the procedure. The bio energy produce from this technology promotes better blood circulation that causes decomposition of fatty acid and fat cells creating an effective result in losing weight and pulling the skin tighter.

Extreme liposuction is one of the safest and most effective body shaping, reshaping, sculpting, slimming and weight loss procedures that have ever been created. It is also effective in cellulite removal, skin enhancement, and skin tightening. The price of extreme liposuction varies from one clinic to another depending on the volume of fats and type of the body that will be contoured. It may also vary depending on the place you are into. If the competition is tight chances are the price is lower.

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