Emotional Liposuction:

Although liposuction is just a simple procedure and it does not take long to do it, yet it still have its post operation complications to take care of it to prevent patients from a disaster causing death which becomes an Emotional Liposuction to the members of the family of these patients. One incident in Philadelphia, an 18 year old high school graduate who died after liposuction surgery. The family was awarded by the jury millions to the parents of the client in damages for emotional distress.

The client has been for liposuction to fix a breast abnormality when she was 17 years old. And after loosing 25 pounds weight lost there is a few inches that remained and she wanted it be removed. When the patient is resisting coming out of the anesthesia, the plaintiff claimed that the surgeon waited too long to call an ambulance. From the clinic the client was transferred to Montgomery Hospital later after two days transferred again to Hospital University of Pennsylvania where she died. The Philadelphia Medical Examiner ruled the caused of death of the client is due to complications of liposuction surgery- a fat embolism or clot in her lungs.

So for everybody who decides to go for liposuction surgery, you should consider the risks involved and don’t just think having you want a perfect body as easy as that to decide.  Many people have undergone liposuction surgery and have not encountered any problems at all. But there are those clients who suffered minor or serious problems of complications. Patients with complications minor or major problems having the post operation side effects of liposuction should be admitted to the emergency room. Some more serious complications of liposuction include infection and nerve damage. Blood clot is also a serious complication and this is usually seen that occurs in some women using birth control pills. The most of them all is death. It is very rare to happen but it does happen. And it will cause an Emotional Liposuction trauma to the client’s family.

Steps to consider making sure you have a safe liposuction surgery. First, choose a surgeon who has been in practice for so long giving him plenty of experience. Second, make sure you yourself is in good shape of health, And you must tell your surgeon about all past and present medical problems you have and the drugs you are taking in. Make sure to follow all your doctors’ advice before and after surgery procedure. And avoid strenuous activity after the operation. Following all these steps will minimize your chance of being one of the statistics and leaving behind your family members depressed due to Emotional Liposuction in which carelessness sometimes is the cause.

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