Effects of Liposuction

Effects, in its broader term can be good or bad. All types of surgeries have their own unique good and bad effects. Prospective patients for liposuction should be very aware of the effects of liposuction before engaging into it. This articles aims to discuss the good and bad effects of liposuction.

The bad effects can be short or long term.  Short-term effects of liposuction are as follows:

  1. Asymmetry or unevenness which may result to surface irregularity which requires you to undergo another surgery.
  2. Skin injury which is produced by the heat of ultrasonic device used to liquefy the fat cells.
  3. Hematoma and seroma which are caused by improper clean up procedures after the performance of liposuction procedure.


Below are some of the proven long-term bad effects of liposuction:

  1. Bruising which occurs due to the incisions made.
  2. Swelling due to the extent of procedure done.
  3. Infections
  4. Discoloration of the skin which occurs due to inflammations from the heat that the cannula produces.
  5. Nerve damage due to stripping of the outer nerve cells.
  6. Prolonged drainage due to excess fluids used in liquefying the fat cells.
  7. Allergic reactions to anesthesia which may result to cardiac arrythmias.
  8. Fibrosis and necrosis wherein the blood supply to skin is damaged because of burns that kills the skin cells.
  9. Laxity which usually occurs to older patients because their skin is no longer elastic.
  10. Burns which is caused by the heat emitted from the cannula, but this can be lesser when using wet method like the water-jet assisted liposuction.


Other bad effects of liposuction that are not reflected here may have not been reported yet. But whatever these bad effects are, your surgeon will definitely discuss them with you as it goes with his/her responsibilities.

After knowing the proven bad effects of liposuction, enumerated below are some of the good effects that patients can enjoy after undergoing liposuction procedure:

  1. Permanent removal of fat.
  2. Better contour.
  3. Skin is tightened.
  4. Problem with clothing is reduced.
  5. Gained confidence.
  6. Embarrassment due to size large size of underwear is eliminated.
  7. You can flaunt your body without hesitation.
  8. Positive outlook in life.


These bad and good effects of liposuction are part of the package which you need to embrace when deciding to undergo liposuction procedure. However bad effects can be minimized by choosing the best surgeon, the right procedure to be done and by knowing what your body is capable of accepting.

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