Does Liposuction Hurt?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure also known as lipoplasty or liposculpture. The cosmetic surgery has become very well-liked and a lot of individuals who want specific parts of their bodies to go back or be more leaner have turned to liposuction as their preferred  treatment. Does liposuction hurt? Liposuction surgery like all surgery means cutting, slicing, excising, removing and or suturing a part or parts of the human anatomy and like any surgical method if done without anesthesia it’s going to definitely hurt.  That’s why conventional or traditional liposuction surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and or local anesthetic depending on the size and the location of the area to be treated by the surgeon with liposuction.

Liposuction is done with the patient under the influence of anesthesia administered by a licensed anesthesiologist who moderates and controls how much anesthetic is used just so the patient will feel almost nothing when the liposuction is being carried out. You can just imagine the incisions made by the surgeon with a very sharp scalpel, these incisions are then used as the entry point for stainless steel tube tools called cannulas that are vigorously moved back and forth to suck out the fat from tissue and skin, the cannulas are moved under the patients skin between the tissue and into the fat deposits this procedure usually causes bleeding and tissue trauma leading to swelling and of course bruising and bleeding. Because of the anesthetic used the sensation of pain during the operation is avoided.

Does liposuction hurt after the operation? Some pain of course will be felt, most especially during recovery when the general or local anesthetic has worn off. The swollen and bruised areas will of course be very tender and will cause discomfort to the post-operation patient. A course of painkillers and antibiotics will be prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon even before the operation to deal with the pain and the swelling and bruising and to avoid possible infection. A number of new methods or techniques are now claiming to be painless forms of liposuction, such as tumescent, laser and ultrasonic liposuction, specialist say that these new methods are virtually painless or have significantly reduced pain during and after liposuction surgery, so much so that some techniques, especially those utilizing low intensity energy lasers require no anesthetic at all. The question now, does liposuction hurt, can be candidly answered, It depends on the method used to perform your liposuction.

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