Does Insurance cover liposuction

Ever felt embarrassed or left out in some beach party or out of town gig where most of your girlfriends wore skimpy outfits like bikinis and short shorts with hanging blouses showing off their nice long legs and flat tummy. Then you find out that some of them have gone through liposuction to get those nice curvy hips and thighs, making you wonder out loud, do insurance cover liposuction, because right now, you don’t have the cash to finance your liposuction dream.

Liposuction was first invented in 1974, and since then despite the ups and downs due to some accidents and fatalities, liposuction has firmly established itself as the prime cosmetic surgery to remove fat and contour or sculpt a patient client’s specific area of their body.  Year after year, more and more people are going through liposuction to get rid of their unwanted fat deposits. Almost all of these liposuction beneficiaries don’t use their health insurance and pay either with cash or most of the time credit. Now, does insurance cover liposuction cost? It depends! In all but the most special of cases, liposuction is not covered by health insurance.

Liposuction was conceived as a medical surgical procedure at first but was found to be far useful to the field of cosmetic medicine rather than to the other fields of medicine to which it was first designed for. As of the moment, liposuction is identifiable with plastic surgery and is in actuality one of the more popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the world. This is why the answer to the question, does insurance cover liposuction is a clear no, most of the time.

Being a cosmetic procedure, clearly does not qualify for medical insurance except for some very specific cases wherein it is possible that insurance does cover some if not all of the liposuction surgical cost. One of these is breast reduction, since breast reduction can lead to some medical complications like strained back or even a slipped disc since a big breast can exert pressure on the vertebrae of a woman due to the added weight, this can be regarded as a health threatening situation thus, to resolve or prevent any damage from occurring liposuction surgery can be performed to reduce fatty cell tissue from both breast thus reducing its weight and the strain it is causing. Another medical situation where in liposuction is covered fully or partially by insurance is the relief and removal of subcutaneous lipomas, these are fatty tumors found just underneath a persons’ skin. These are just some of the examples when insurance does cover liposuction cost. So, does insurance cover liposuction cost? If the liposuction is carried out as a purely cosmetic procedure it does not, but if it for the treatment of a definite and particular medical condition then yes, health insurance may partially or fully shoulder the cost of liposuction.

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