Cost of Neck Liposuction

Liposuction treatment is very popular nowadays, with men and women who want to look better and better physically but can’t get the results that they want through regular diet and exercise programs. Liposuction can be done on the hips, upper arms, mons pubis, back, neck and abdominal area. One of the more popular liposuction treatments is the liposuction of the neck.

The cost of neck liposuction is between $2500-$5000 and this may go up depending on the technique that is used and of course the reputation and expertise of the plastic surgeon. The procedure during neck liposuction is as follows: the plastic surgeon cuts a small incision into the skin, normally in the fold just below the chin or at the back of the ear lobes.

Stainless steel tubes called cannulas are inserted into these incisions to break up fat and suction them out at the same time; this is continued until the ideal proportions are obtained. One of the benefits of using liposuction to eliminate neck fat is that the skin, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels remain undamaged.

Be advised that neck liposuction is not a simple surgical procedure for most people to recuperate from. Comparable to all surgical treatments, there is a risk of infection. Always present is the risk that the surgery may result in scarring which can depend on factors like age and excessive smoking.

Post operation the bruising and swelling will disappear three weeks time. It is ordinary to experience a soreness of the neck as well as endure burning, swelling, numbness, crusting and bleeding. Typically the cosmetic surgeon recommends painkillers to aid patients in lessening the pain after surgery. The patient will be required to put on an elastic garment or a compression band for several weeks post op to make certain that the patient’s neck stays secure.

Patients’ who have had the tumescent liposuction treatment on their neck, will typically have some bloating in the general area of treatment, this is due to the excess fluids that have yet to drain from the areas affected by the liposuction.
Visible results will be obvious within two to three weeks, but the complete results may not be apparent for six months to a year. The cost of neck liposuction is not limited to the financial cost but there are also health and benefits cost that need to be considered when choosing to undergo any surgical procedure.

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