Cons of Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgery where the body is contoured through sucking out the excess fats from various parts of the body leaving the body with better shape. However just like other kinds of surgery, liposuction has its own cons. There some cons of liposuction that patients and future patients need to consider before making a decision whether or not to go liposuction surgery.

The decision itself:

Before the surgery you and your surgeon must discuss some things that are very essential in making a decision:

  • · Why are you considering cosmetic surgery?
  • · Do you exercise regularly?
  • · What is your normal diet?
  • · Excessive Liposuction
  • · Minor Surgical Complications
  • · Major Surgical Complications
  • · Anesthesia Risks
  • · Increased Bleeding due to Drug Interactions
  • · amount of fat that is going to be removed
  • · the different areas that are to be done
  • · whether more than one surgical procedure is going to take place that day

These are very necessary since it is your body that needs to undergo liposuction which is equipped with risks. Make sure that these things are clear and properly discussed with you by your surgeon otherwise you might be shocked when you experience something beyond your expectations. These will prepare you on risks that you may be experiencing after the procedure.

And here are some of the cons of liposuction that are very inevitable:

  1. 1. Age: this has something to do with the skin of the patient. The older the patient the possibility of having a not so elastic skin is high which may result to dissatisfying result. Liposuction then is more advisable to be taken during younger years where the patient has good skin elasticity.
  2. 2. Scars/Bruises: just like other surgery liposuction leaves the skin with bruises and scars which the patient needs to experience after the procedure. But there are new techniques that have been discovered that helps minimize the effect of scars and bruises.
  3. 3. Extra Skin: some patients experience extra folds in their skin after the procedure due the elasticity of the skin. To some patients this extra skin folds will not disappear unless undergoing another kind of surgery that will remove it. This means that the patient will have to pay for additional surgical procedure.

For better liposuction result, the patient will have to watch his/her diet and have to exercise regularly. By having a self discipline the patient will have to enjoy a permanent fat removal result.

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